Two Pillars

iQUAVIS - the Lean MBSE Tool

Systems Engineering and MBSE are complex? Not with iQUAVIS! Without SysML and lengthy rollout, you get an all-round carefree package.

Keep the overview with iQUAVIS. Develop according to Systems Engineering approach in your projects and involve all players in the project without long training efforts. Good requirements, system architectures, product line development, modularization … – custom-fit solutions!

Learn, how Systems Engineering with iQUAVIS can accelerate also your processes.

iQUAVIS at a glance



iQUAVIS is the MBSE tool for mechanical engineering!

iQUAVIS - more than 100,000 licenses in use

We proudly support our customers and partners in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and science  in Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These include:

Two Pillars: Your Guide to Systems Engineering

Two Pillars is not just iQUAVIS. Take advantage of our experience: We accompany the entire process of MBSE implementation – e.g. according to ISO/IEC 15288.

We train your development teams and introduce systems engineering to your company.

Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner: The iQUAVIS tool is the first choice – our customers confirm this!

That is why there is no way around
Systems Engineering and iQUAVIS

When mechanics, electronics and software development are to develop a product together, worlds collide. And then there’s product management and project management! Systems Engineering builds bridges between these worlds. iQUAVIS is the bridge.

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