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Variant Manager

Variants make products complex.

They often bring with them a whole rat’s tail of dependencies and conditions, which often pose major challenges for product development. This usually starts internally, when the alignment between development and management is imprecise or there is a lack of a common understanding of dependencies.

This is exactly where the iQUAVIS variant manager comes in. It represents dependencies and conditions within the existing system – completely comprehensible. The difference to other solutions on the market is that iQUAVIS describes the system level and thus brings all disciplines together – also in terms of variance.

The variant manager from iQUAVIS is an additional feature and brings you many advantages if you want to display product variants and options as well as their dependencies in product development.

With the iQUAVIS variant manager, you continue to work within your traceability tree and not in a separate tool!

In this way, traceability is maintained within the entire system:

You configure the conditions and dependencies of your variants and system elements and keep track of them.

This is what the variant manager offers:

Liste der Konfigurationen im Variantenmanager

Variant Manager Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Christian Bremer introduces the variant manager and explains how to work with options and variants in product development.

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