Two Pillars

Project data and attachments in a new guise

If a new system is being developed in which you can fall back on existing solution knowledge, you should also seize this opportunity. It saves effort and time for development and already known errors and misconceptions are easily avoided. But relevant documents should also be easy to find for a full understanding of the solution knowledge. And sometimes the solution knowledge may not be changed for reasons of modularized development. All in all, this is a difficult task – both in terms of finding knowledge and reusing it. iQUAVIS helps you to bring all the aspects mentioned together without having to do time-consuming preparatory work for reuse.

Reuse of knowledge

iQUAVIS enables the reuse of existing knowledge in no time at all. Necessary linked documents and images, but also experience in the form of an individually created parameter, can be transferred and used in the new development project if required. In addition, there are two ways to transfer existing solution knowledge into a new project. Either the necessary knowledge can be copied and thus processed directly. Or the knowledge can be easily referenced and thus protected from change. This is especially important in modularized development.

The reuse of solution structures with iQUAVIS enables

Enable proxy roles

Individual data selection for your import

Decide individually which data components, such as links, user-defined attributes or reference documents are relevant for you and import them into the new project.

Import for reference or copy

Create a modifiable copy of your knowledge or modularize and/or protect it by importing it as a reference.

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