iQTeams – The future of engineering

iQUAVIS + Microsoft Teams =

A smart merge of excellence

Give your company the competitive edge with our product called iQTeams! It combines the systems engineering tool iQUAVIS with the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams and significantly reduces your time-to-market. With iQTeams you will spend less time searching for valuable information. And you will gain more transparency during the decision-making-process: thus, minimizing deployment of resources overall.

iQTeams at work

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?
Individual team member of a project team meet at work away from their desk and start chatting about aspects of their project. They exchange ideas, provide feedback and bounce ideas of one another, come to valuable conclusions and might have brilliant realizations. The challenge is having one (!) central place to store and save all this information. Such loss of potentially game changing information can be costly to the success of your project.

That’s where iQTeams comes in: No matter the size of your company, no matter the level of systems engineering knowledge you hold, iQTeams will systematically conclude your project more successfully! iQTeams allows project team members to exchange information directly and based on the system’s specifications. All information pertaining to the chat is being stored and is transparent to the rest of the project team in real time. The documentation of such information is exact, current and takes place automatically. It is also the foundation of success for your project. It also forms the framework for carrying out your project quickly and successfully.

iQTeams benefits

  • conclude your project faster
  • intuitive interface
  • fewer search efforts
  • faster response time
  • data consistency
  • automatic and sustainable knowledge retention
  • fewer interpretation errors
  • synergy with Microsoft Teams